Being A Butterfly

I have been in an incredible stage of growth over the last few months, and I feel that I have made it through the struggle from my cocoon and have emerged a butterfly. Seriously.

Letting go of the awkward half-way-done, and "good enough" approach to marketing the business that is ME, I have embraced change and FINALLY got a new website. I can feel my wings flutter.

As promised, you can now find me here:

It really feels like me.

My new website is a place where I can keep you posted on my acting and this experience of living out my dreams every day, with all the beautiful ups and downs and in-betweens.   This is just a step, but every journey consists of a series of small steps. And what's so important is that I've finally given myself " to become who God has created [me] to be." - Joel Osteen

I hope you'll go ahead and subscribe and feel free to comment and share your own thoughts on my new domain. ;-)



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