Come See Me In The Theater: "I Like To Be Here."

In a neighborhood with such a diverse population, it is so easy to feel alone - but when it counts, we tend to stick together. That's New York... that's Jackson Heights.   And that's what this beautiful play is all about.

I LIKE TO BE HERE: JACKSON HEIGHTS REVISITED, OR, THIS IS A MANGO opens September 8th and runs through September 27th at The New Ohio Theatre in NYC. 

About the play:
In the span of one very late night, an elderly Irish woman fights to keep her home; a Bangaladeshi cab driver working the night shift yearns for a woman who rises at dawn to bake bread but does not speak her language; a closeted Long Island cop comes into town for a date; and a dosa chef inadvertently heals a customer's heart. Drag queens, car dispatchers, under-slept parents, gamblers, insomniacs, and dreamers find one another on the streets of Jackson Heights.

As part of this talented ensemble cast, I play the lead role of Adela, the baker and the object of a cab driver's affection. Click here to get your tickets. I hope to see you there!!!! 

And if you've seen the show please take a few minutes to vote for "I Like To Be Here" for the New York Innovative Theatre Awards. Every vote counts! Thanks! 

Jillian’s Peak: A Premium Digital Web Series (Save The Date!)

You may remember that last year I performed live with my fellow castmates of Jillian's Peak,  which is a new premium digital web series about the journey of Jillian Thomas, as she discovers who she is and finds herself in self-denial when it comes to love, family and her career. 

If you missed our performance the last time, well now you can watch the cast live on September 30, 2014 at 7pm! Tickets are free, so register now!

Show your support for quality LGBT programming to the mainstream media. To find out more about the web series, head over to

We’ll be at the Leslie Loman Prince Street Project Space Gallery at 127-B Prince Street, New York, New York.  And stick around for the “meet and greet” afterward; we'd love to see you there! 

Some Last Day: A Dark Comedy

As a creative, we're always working. When the buzz starts on a project we previously worked on, like the film I starred in "Some Last Day," we've most likely completed several other films.
We may be further down that yellow brick road, but that doesn't make the experience of watching your work on-screen any less magical.

"Some Last Day" (Julio Antonio Toro; Lisann Valentin; Adrian Martinez)
I've done so much since we shot Some Last Day, but I cannot wait to see this short film, written and directed by Adel L. Morales. This dark comedy (one of my favorite genres) is in the final stages of production.

It's always an honor to work with a great cast and crew, especially films that are by Latinos. And I am so grateful to have earned the  "Hollyhood [Productions] fave,"  title, coined by this innovative director and production company. Looking forward to working with Hollyhood again real soon!

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