Telling Our Stories

Storytellers take chances. And it takes courage to do that. Especially when you write, direct, produce and star in your own film.

I did this.

I'm only starting to comprehend that I actually did this. And I am thankful for the fabulous crew that helped make it happen, and the support of my family beside me.

You don't realize what a labor of love it is, how personal it is, and how challenging it is when you are hit with inspiration to tell your own story. After you give into the inspiration, you have to decide whether to go forward.

When you take that chance, the work pleasantly absorbs every fiber of your being: the checklist in your mind, on the storyboard, and in the script itself as you prepare; the excitement and the nerves the day before a shoot; and the pure joy of watching it unfold in each moment.  These experiences are priceless.

I am thankful that I took an incredible chance; I bet on myself and in my heart, I came out winning.  Whatever the outcome may be, I'm glad that I had the courage to tell my own story.



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